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Soft Skills AHA was created by the American Hospitality Academy (AHA). Since 1986, the American Hospitality Academy, in partnership with premier resorts and hotels throughout the USA, has been the bridge between colleges and industry, providing career-focused curriculum and structured training plans for thousands of students and young adults. It is through our close working relationship with top industry leaders that AHA has developed an appreciation and clear understanding of how to best teach the 21st Century soft skills that are vital to success in any career.
In 2005, in partnership with the American Hotel and Lodging Association, AHA created the first college internship manual SERVLEAD - Service Leadership in a multicultural workplace. Our SERVLEAD manual provided professional development and leadership course work, training competencies, and an industry certification to students who successfully completed our program.
In 2009 AHA was licensed as a non public postsecondary institution by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. Our professional development programs are designed to meet the focus of companies around the world who "hire for attitude and train for aptitude." Our engaging career readiness curriculum and positive online learning environment emphasizes the essential employability traits needed to be successful both in the workplace and in life. AHA is now bringing our 30+ years of successful workplace internship preparation on the college level to Soft Skills AHA in order to help prepare students for workplace success.

4 Main Programs

Soft Skills Middle

Soft Skills High

Soft Skills Pro

Teacher’s PD

Below is a summary on what each participant license includes:
  • Full access to Soft Skills High for all years enrolled in high school.
  • Career and Life Essentials Course – 10 module, online certificate program.  Each module consists of 6 interactive and engaging learning activities.  Students receive a course certificate upon successful completion.
  • Career PREP-  Virtual Career Guidance Center – Students begin building their career portfolio while  completing a personal assessment, learning to write SMART goals, writing a cover letter & resume, and preparing for a job interview.
  • Soft Skills Pro – Workplace Certificate Program - Students demonstrate in the workplace the application of the soft skills learned in the Career and Life Essentials course.  An industry certificate is awarded upon a successful assessment by the employer.
  • Online Teacher Training Course – A three module course designed for teachers to learn how to enroll, assist, and support students enrolled in Soft Skills High.
  • Student license fees are determined by number of students enrolled.



Virtual Internships gives students all across the world the opportunity to gain professional experience through remote internships.

Our host companies are some of the most innovative businesses from around the globe. They are market disruptors leaving the 9 to 5 behind and welcoming a brand-new way of working. 

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