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New Zealand

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As we all know, New Zealand is an Island that is located in the south-western region of the Pacific Ocean. It is well known as one of the few developed nations with a stable market-based economy. With the English language being the mother tongue, worldwide students can easily find programmes that are of good quality and are in the English language. This country is too concerned with the educational system that the literacy percentage went up to 99%! Here is a list of a number of pros of travelling to New Zealand for educational purposes:

1. Work Opportunities- New Zealand, being a developed country, offers international students the opportunity to find several part time jobs parallel with their studies. This is a great opportunity as the country also gives the benefit of being able to obtain a permanent residency after the fulfilment of all your educational goals.
2. Stability- The economy and polity of New Zealand are incredibly stable with a moderate and affordable cost of living.
3. Culture- While some countries are known to be hostile, locals, most commonly referred to as the ‘’Kiwis’’, are very tolerant and welcoming. New Zealand is definitely a safer option than much other options.
4. Tuition Fees- Fees are relatively cheap compared to the facilities and the type of education you can get. The educational system is in English and is based according to British curriculums.
5. Support for International Students- New Zealand is not only limited with the outstanding educational system, but as stated earlier, the government is too concerned with providing the best resources out there to the students, making sure they reach their fullest potential.

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