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If you searched for what is Ireland is famous for, you’d be shocked to know that it is the second most country known for beer consumption per year! However, don’t let this statistic fool you as Ireland is also considered as one of the leading countries when it comes to education. Ireland in the history books is known as the land of saints and scholars. This peaceful country is very welcoming for expatriates due to its comfortable environment and their outstanding facilities. It might have a very limited quantity of universities but Ireland’s three campuses got ranked in top 200 universities in the world as per 2010 QS world university ranking. It is one of the countries having the highest education participation in the world. These academic and educational proficiencies validates the nation with the ability of hosting overseas students with high numbers. Not only that, but it is a safe and inclusive country; it is peaceful, beautiful, and free from extremism and terrorism. Therefore, the political and national security makes Ireland a preferred choice for parents who want to send their children abroad for educational qualification and exposure. The government encourages the concept of research and the whole educational system by providing cheap opportunities that will help people to excel quickly. The government is also responsible for a lot of investments in the education sector that provides new innovative teaching techniques and technological advancements. As stated earlier the environment in Ireland is one of the strong pillars that hold a strong educational system. This is resembled through the friendly locals that live there who are always happy for newcomers in their land. 36% of the population is formed from 25 years old adults and under which is the age of exploring and accepting others thus adding to the cause. This country is not even interested in discussing issues like race, creed or even ethnicity as it is a dividing factor. All of this can be summed up in a nutshell; that Ireland is one of the greatest places for expats to go and study in. This makes Ireland not just an educational hub for international students but also a wonderful location to travel, shop, reside, work and find entertainment and leisure.

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