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If you are planning to travel overseas to start a new studying experience then definitely Germany is one of the greatest choices you should always consider! German degrees are globally recognized and offer free tuitions at all public universities for both local and international students. You would think that this is due to the low quality education but actually Germany has high standards of education through their cities with LMU Munich, Heidelberg University and many other universities ranked within the top 100 universities globally. While studying in Germany, you can enjoy the culture diversity over there as the country is packed with a lot of foreign students.

Given that it is one of the main countries in the European Union, a lot of Europeans choose Germany as a destination for their studies. Not only this, but the government also provides graduates with the chance to hunt for a job. The immigration policy is open, which is a good way for anyone who wants to have European passport. The government also focuses on providing funds for facilities and labs for researchers to obtain the finest results. From physics and chemistry to cars and consumer products, Germany has always been a world leader in the manufacturing industry. This makes Germany as one of the top most destinations for those willing to pursue their degree with extensive technical exposure. One great advantage is that the Cost of living is not expensive compared to other countries. Adding to that, you can work part time to pay for your food and accommodation with a lot of strict laws which helps in avoiding labor exploitation. There is no language barrier for those who don’t want to learn the German language, as the courses are being taught in English language. Learning German language, on the other hand, opens many doors of job opportunities. If you are pursuing a neat educational system with high living standard, strict laws and guaranteed jobs then you should definitely be on the next flight to Germany.

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