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Educom provides international training programs spanning the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia, lasting from four to twelve months. Participants gain valuable practical work experience and refine their skills in esteemed destinations and companies, fostering personal and professional growth.

Placement Process:
Educom manages the entire placement process for students, focusing on technical fields, and offers comprehensive support with visa and insurance procedures.

Support and Follow-up:
Educom ensures real follow-up of intern training plan and provides constant support throughout the training duration

Career Advancement:
Graduates can increase hands-on experience and prepare for rewarding careers. Excelling might lead to advancement opportunities.



-      Competitive, minimum stipends guaranteed.

-      Compensation packages vary by host site.

-      Customized service for each student. 


Management Training

Educom Overseas offers a Management Training program for graduates with strong academic credentials and English proficiency, providing valuable hands-on experience and career advancement opportunities in high-end properties and international chains.

Why engaging in an internship abroad?

-      International internships will provide candidates with an incredible opportunity to:

-      Interning abroad offers practical experience in an international setting

-      Provides opportunities to immerse in new cultures and expand worldview.

-      Enhances resumes with international exposure and career-oriented experience.

-      Participants earn internship credits without interrupting academic careers.

-      Certificates of participation and achievement are awarded.

-      Employers value candidates with international experience, setting individuals apart in the job market.

Profile of candidates - Short term Internship (3- 4 Months)

-      Participation during summer break only, returning to education afterward.

-      Valid passport for at least 6 month beyond program end date.

-      Enrollment in an educational facility.

-      English communication skills required.

-      Genuine interest in sharing culture.

-      Minimum age requirement: 18 Years.


Profile of candidates: Long Term internship (5+ Months)

-      Enrollment in an educational facility.

-      Related experience: Minimum 1 year

-      Schooling and experience in hotel management, food & beverage, or recreation/leisure studies.

-      English proficiency.

-      Genuine cultural interest.

-      Passport validity should be at least 6 months beyond the program end date.

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