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Your key to success always starts with quality education. However, the word quality here typically related to one thing and that is studying in Italy. A lot of overseas students have chosen to study in Italy as a start of their tremendous career. Here is a list showing a few of the many amazing opportunities for you studying in Italy:

The country over centuries has been known for its strong educational system. It is also known to have one of the oldest universities in our century.

It’s one of the main goals of the country to provide a high quality education for the locals. The country also provides a unique scholarship program for overseas students to encourage them to join the Italian educational system.

Breaking News!

Educom Overseas help students to apply to two scholarships in Italy:

The first one will give the student to study at public universities for as low as 200 euros per year.

The second one will be a scholarship given by the government to cover living expenses.

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