Virtual Internship


What are virtual internships?

Virtual internships are internships that are done online or remotely and offer a great d flexibility and remove the necessity of having to live in a certain geographical location. I get placed with a company and will work under the supervision of a mentor in real proje virtual methods.



What are the benefits of a Virtual Internship?

  • A virtual internship is a great way to start your career, improve your skills, be involved i projects and receive mentorship of experienced professionals
  • Flexible working hours
  • No restriction on locations
  • Develop the organizational and IT skills required for success in remote locations
  • Build relationship skills essential for remote working arrangements
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Expand your network and make connections with renowned Australian companies


What the Virtual Internships available


Small groups (3-5 students) will take care of a project-work for a real company, which gives the “rules of engagement” and all conditions. The same company at the end assesses the work done and gives a certificate to the student as a curricular experience.

below some examples of projects:

  • Marketing plan for a big brand’s museum;
  • Digital marketing plan for a very big 4-star hotel;
  • Engineering market analysis for a steel manufacturer;
  • Data management and analysis for a leading magazine;
  • Designing of luxury consumers’ products.

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Our Virtual internships include the following:


  • Orientation and clarifications
  • Application submission
  • Program administration and supervision
  • Weekly online Lectures
  • weekly Assessment and review
  • Final assessment done by the project manager
  • Delivery of virtual certificates
  • Exit interview and program evaluation session.


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Aged 18 and above
  • The internship field requested is directly related to your educational background
  • Currently enrolled in a tertiary course (bachelor degree or above), or
  • A recent graduate (bachelor degree or above)
  • Upper intermediate – advanced English language skills



Required documents:


  1. Resume 
  2. Letter of Objectives
  3. Colour copy of your passport
  4. Copy of your most current academic transcripts that show your grades


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