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What kind of service work will you enjoy?

What kind of service work will you enjoy?

It's important to understand what type of service interests you. You want to ensure that your time spent working on projects is both productive and enjoyable.

I want to work with children:Many of our programs focus on teaching and tutoring children. A few options include Children of India, Rustic Pathways Children's Home, and The Faces of East Africa. If you are interested in creating a camp for underprivileged children, take a look at out our Leadership programs in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

I want to work with my hands:Ready to get dirty? Many of our service projects involve small-scale construction projects where you will work alongside locals. Mountain Air and Village Service, Highlands and Islands Service Immersion, Come With Nothing, and ebuilding New Orleans are just a few examples of construction-based community service programs.

I want to work with animals: If you're interested in animal care and conservation, we have a variety of educational and hands-on animal service programs. Work with elephants in Thailand or Laos, sloth bears in India, pandas in China, or turtles in Costa Rica. Can't choose one animal? Apply to intern at the Steve Irwin Zoo in Australia on You, A 'Roo, and a Zoo.

I want to work on environmental projects:Learn about another country's ecosystem and preservation first-hand. Take a look at our Island Living and Eco-Service program or Marine Life and Dolphin Conservation in the Dominican Republic, and Marine Service and Adventure in Fiji. If you're interested in food and agriculture, learn about desert farming in Good Works and the Grand Canyon in Arizona.


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