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Krystel Ghanem – NDU
13 June, 2011

You may ask “why Educom Overseas?” As an NDU student majoring in Hospitality management, I have been introduced to the internship of this company, during a lecture at the university.&nbsp;&nbsp;It has been almost a year and I allow myself, now, to say that I have experienced the way they work and thus, I am able to develop a general idea about what I, personally, felt.<br>Thinking about what makes this company superior to other ones. So I came with a conclusion that internships can be found anywhere; it is the way the intern is guided and treated that makes the difference.&nbsp;&nbsp;Therefore, I am glad that I had the chance to be introduced to such a company and I would recommend it to everyone. Moreover, I can�t but to thank the management of Educom Overseas for all what they have done for us which went above and beyond what they were supposed to really do. I proudly say that I�ve been impressed by their&nbsp;attitude and he has highly influenced my experience which has left a scar in my memory that can never be erased.