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Study Abroad
  • currency rate1 MYR = 0.24 USD
  • avg tuition rate5,000 USD
  • avg living rate3,700 - 4,500 USD
  • avg duration of university programs3 - 5 years
  • Avg salary after graduation15,000 USD
  • Possibility of finding a jobLow

Studying in Malaysia

One of the countries out there that have a huge quantity of foreign students is Malaysia; located in the Southeast of Asia. Not only the quantity, but the variety of nationalities in Malaysia cannot even be described. There are a lot a lot of different benefits of studying abroad in Malaysia starting from the favorable weather that is balanced throughout the year keeping you feel at home. It might not have the best educational systems out there but it is a choice for a lot of students due to its comfortable environment and the ease of adaptability to this country. However, do not get a wrong idea on the educational system but the curriculums are still considered as a strong international competitor when it comes to the best. The country consists of 20 public universities and 40 private universities which provides the quality education you are looking for. This makes Malaysia a pool for international education system aiding students to go through the experience of polytechnics, public community colleges, foreign university branch campuses from UK, USA, Australia, etc. One more advantage to add, the country is designed carefully to attract tourists with amazing sceneries and a strong economy. You as a student will enjoy your stay in Malaysia fully, doing a few of the exotic activities you never thought you’d do. In addition, it provides a strong accreditation in education and this is valued with a cheap price as Malaysia as a country invests in students and the educational system; believing this is the future. It is not only limited to the tuition fees but also the country’s expenses are manageable even to students. Last but not least, this country as stated earlier is a platform for different nationalities making Malaysia a literal Global village. This fact is validated by the 70,000+ international students out there from the hundreds of different countries out there with natural communication between all nationalities helping you explore more cultures.

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