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  • currency rate1 AUD = 0.76 USD
  • avg tuition rate$20-22,000
  • avg living rate15,000 USD
  • avg duration of university programs3 years
  • Avg salary after graduation54,000 USD
  • Possibility of finding a jobHigh

Studying In Australia Has Personified Advantages

Over the last decade or so Australia has emerged as a new destination for students of other countries who wish to travel abroad for studies and this trend is attributed to several reasons. Following are some of the factors which explain why students prefer to study in Australia ratherthan opt for the traditional choices of USA and UK –
Quality of education – Because the Government of Australia has ensured the enactment of legislation towards maintaining and enhancing the quality of education in Australia, all educational institutions in the country are bound by law to provide quality education. For foreignstudents, this commitment is truly advantageous because it implies acquiring the best of education and training in their preferred subjects.
Multicultural society – Since time immemorial, Australia has embraced immigrants from all over the world and over the eons this has resulted in the formation of a multicultural social fabricthat is presently visible. So when you choose to study in Australia you can rest assured of not facing any discrimination or prejudice just because you hail from a different country.
Affordable – As compared to USA and UK, living expenses in Australia are much less, thus rendering education here much more affordable without compromising on the qualitative aspect. Therefore, to study in Australia translates into less expenditure not only in terms of education but also other aspects like food, lodging, travelling and so on.
Supportive system – Authorities governing the Australian education system realize that foreign students may find it a little difficult to settle down in a new country. Hence there is a support system in place in form of student advisors, orientation programs, counseling and so on that are meant to assist a foreign student with the settling-down process.
Owing to these reasons, your decision to study in Australia is indeed likely to be advantages personified in more ways than one.

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