We show the way to success

We know the task of selecting an experience is not an easy one. If you don’t have any specific country or program in mind, the options may seem endless. Fear not! The secret to finding the best program is understanding what you’re looking for and which programs best fit your interests.


What do you want to experience?


What do you want to see, learn, or do on your trip? Do you want to complete a service project, make new friends, learn a new skill, or go on a wild adventure?


For the service buff: Lucky for you, the majority of our programs involve community service. Also think about what type of community service you’re looking to get involved with.


For the thrill-seeker: Countries in the South Pacific and Latin America tend to have more action-packed, adventure-filled programs. Pacific Adrenaline, Big Fiji Explorer, Caribbean Adrenaline, and Amazon Explorer are a few of our options for those looking to skydive, bungee jump, white-water raft, surf, zip line, and more!


For the cultural pioneer: Programs such as Refugee Camp Experience in Thailand, The Outback Aboriginal Service Expedition in Australia, and Maleku and Bribri village programs in Costa Rica offer students the opportunity to understand issues facing indigenous and ethnic minority populations.


For the vacationer: Do you want to see the must-see sights while traveling in style? Take a look at our less service-intensive programs such as Wonders and Riches of Southeast Asia, Seven Wonders of Australia, Spanish Countryside and Beaches, Marvels of China, and Island Hopping and Diving.


For the learner:Who says learning can’t be fun, especially when it’s abroad! If you looking to learn a new language or practice your skills with locals, join our Chinese Language Immersion in China or Spanish Language Immersion in Costa Rica or Spain.